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Operational concept and technical documentation

The Server's IT is done by the GESIS department WTS as a long-term service. Questions relating the technical infrastructure should be addressed to Mahan Zolghadr ( Responsible for the content is the department CSS (Team Knowledge Discovery). Information regarding the contant can be answered by Uta Richter (uta.richter(at)gesis(dot)org) and Thomas Müller (thomas.mueller(at)gesis(dot)org).

The Server has been moved to a dynamic cloud server hosted by 1&1 ( in September 2012. Starting with the new server the software for SSOAR has changed to the open source solution DSPace (


The server was initially configured using 8 GB of RAM, 300 GB of harddisk and 2 CPU cores. As the provider (1&1) uses a virtual server farm (AMD Opteron Prozessors) the server can be reconfigured to meet its future requirements.


As an operating system Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64bit is used. The service is devided into two main parts. First an Typo3 instance (based on PHP5), used for the editorial pages, and second a Tomcat 6 to run the repository software DSpace. The former uses a MySQL-Database and the latter a PostgreSQL-Database.

The system can only be accessed using an private SSL-Key and a user authentication.

Backup and maintenance

Database backups are executed every three hours. The whole system is incrementally backed up every day, while a complete backup is done once a week. All backups are stored on GESIS internal servers, to guarantee the separation of backup and running system. Security update are applied promptly. In case of a server crash, the system can be reinstalled within one day.